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Enable boys and girls to maximize their God-given athletic gifts and contribute to team success while building character and teaching life skills in alignment with Christian values.




Provide opportunity for every player to develop athletic skills and contribute to team success

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Build competitive teams that echo the scriptural teaching that the church is one body, with one mission, with each member using their gifts

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Build a team culture where athletes value others above themselves (Phil 2:3-4) and utilize athletics to teach Christian values.

More About Aspire Athletics
Is Aspire competitive?

Absolutely!  We are a competitive program that will provide boys and girls with quality training to build competitive teams, but we have more goals than just winning.  We won’t be satisfied unless every athlete grows their God-given athletic gifts, develops character and confidence, and enjoys using their talents to contribute to team success.


Fees vary by sport, and each program will communicate fees. To help with fees, Aspire has a 10 payment plan option, allowing families to break up payments. Aspire also offers 8-10 fundraisers per school year to help lower the overall financial burden for families. If fees are a challenge for you, please communicate with your sport’s leadership team.  We don't ever want the cost to prevent participation.  We will work with you!


Aspire Athletes do NOT have to homeschool through Aspire to participate.  Aspire Family Membership is required, but not participation in specific programs. This is the way Aspire has always worked, allowing member families to choose the programs that fit their unique needs.  Please note: each sport may have other eligibility guidelines, which will be communicated separately.


Athletes can benefit from The Aspire Group's already large student population by participating in community and social opportunities, which are available to all Aspire Athletes & Families through their membership. At Aspire, our number one goal is to cultivate a grace-filled community.  Athletics will be no different!  To learn more, please hit this LINK!


All teams require 2 things: enough players to participate and a volunteer coach (Exception: JV/Varsity Head Basketball Coaches are paid stipends).  Please register for each sport, and leadership will communicate ASAP which age groups have enough.  Note: basketball is accepting registrations for grades 3-12 and Pom is accepting registrations for grades  1-12.


The Trail Blazers mascot name is tied to Aspire's purpose. Our mission states that we seek to support families to raise "world-changing" children! We blaze trails challenging cultural perceptions and norms. Plus, our legacy mascot is a Lumber Jack, so blazing trails is what we do best!

Aspire Athletics

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